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Mobile Marketing for Real Results
Mobile marketing means not just relying on mobile banner ads or SMS messages. Mobile marketing today is not just about receiving a message - it's about interactivity, selectivity and personalization. Our PowerOfTwo mobile marketing program encourages consumers to interact with ads, products, services and messaging that are important to them - in real time.

PowerOfTwo can help boost the results of your mobile marketing efforts by getting your mobile marketing content on smart phones thereby extending your marketing reach to nearly 100% of the mobile phones in use.

What is PowerOfTwo:
Typical mobile marketing such as ads on mobile websites or appended to text messages, have little staying power, easy to ignore, and offer little ongoing value to your customers. PowerOfTwo goes beyond SMS text ads and WAP banner ads to put engaging, repetitive use content on your customer's mobile phones and tablets that they will refer to over and over again - thereby reinforcing your brand and driving strong sales.

PowerOfTwo will quickly mobilize content you already have, or develop new content into high-value targeted mobile apps and weave it into your current marketing mix with the following benefits:

  • Dynamically update your customers with the latest information, or new offers, every time they access the touch points

  • Interactivity that allows your users to send feedback directly to you

  • An "always on" one-to-one relationship with your customers through the one device they always have with them

  • ...all at a cost that compares favorably to the marketing you are currently doing.


                                              Mobile Marketing

The use of mobile to market a brand, campaign or message plays a powerful role within a cross platform mobile marketing strategy. PowerOfTwo combined with our comprehensive mobile analytics that allows mobile campaign tracking from beginning to end, enables organizations to sell goods or services, drive customer interaction, generate customer opt-in databases, and much, much more.

Are you ready to leverage the new mobile frontier to further your marketing goals? Talk to us about PowerOfTwo, we can help.


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